"Carla Hannaford is one of those rare birds that manages to keep heart and head together in her writing." Jerome S. Bruner, Psychologist and Educator

A major work of profound importance to our understanding of child development and education. Through a brilliant analysis and synthesis of epochal neuro-scientific research, she opens a window of understanding into the workings of our mind/body that is dramatically pertinent to children and adults. Fascinating and of serious value to all of us, it is hard to praise her work sufficiently". Joseph Chilton Pearce, author of The Magical Child and The Crack in the Cosmic Egg.

"Smart Moves is a powerful revelation of the full potential of the human mind and body. Carla Hannaford shows why and how the body plays an essential role in all learning. Her book will surprise, inspire and delightfully instruct every reader." Jack Canfield, author of Chicken Soup for the Soul

"Those of you new to Smart Moves are about to embark on a fascinating journey into the process of human growth, development and empowerment." Candace Pert, author of Molecules of Emotion.

"A tremendously important book that all humans, from teens to adults would benefit greatly from reading.  Carla Hannaford has laid out a delightful set of articulate, authentic, and poetic images.  I wish I could have read this book before I became a parent."  William A. Tiller,  author of  Science and Human Transformation

"A fascinating and brilliantly synthesized exploration of science, consciousness, and spirit--- broad enough to engross aspirants of diverse disciplines and illuminate the unity of all life.  Personal, honest, erudite, and penetrating.  A unique contribution to evolution on many levels."  Alan Cohen, author of A Deep Breath of Life 

"A refreshingly new view of learning and learning problems; it is seldom that we find something so really original and groundbreaking written about education. I have never seen a better guide to creating more effective learning situations in home and school". Willis Harman, past President of Noetic Sciences

"Carla provides an inspiring vision of our vast potential for growth when we drop our notions of limitation and open up to life with awareness, passion and empathy." Zen Master Dennis Genpo Merzel, author of Big Mind, Big Heart

"Carla Hannaford is unique, creative and visionary. Playing in the Unified Field brings rich new realities to our heart, mind and possibilities." Don Campbell, author of The Mozart Effect.

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